Dental Technology

Our practice focuses on developing personal relationships with our patients by providing them one-on-one care tailored to their individual needs. Because we’re more about treating people and not just their teeth at Carol Pacheco D.D.S., we believe in prevention.

We attribute our success in preventive dental techniques to our hard-working, dedicated team and to our use of up-to-date dental technology and equipment.

Types of Dental Technology at Dr. Carol Pacheco

Thanks to advances in dental technology, dental practices have been and will continue to be improved.

Through our use of dental technology at Dr. Carol Pacheco, we’ve been able to improve our patients’ lives in many ways. We utilize the following types of dental technologies at our practice:

  • Digital X-Rays: Digital x-rays, also known as digital radiography, use an electronic sensor to take pictures of patients’ teeth. This helps to reduce the needed radiation by up to 80% while providing a better resolution of your teeth. Not too long ago, dentists had to use traditional x-ray film and chemicals to capture images of teeth. Thanks to today’s digital x-rays, patient exposure to radiation is greatly reduced and x-rays can be viewed on any computer screen within seconds. We can email these images to you or to any specialist that may need to see you.
  • Intraoral Cameras: These intraoral cameras allow Dr. Pacheco and her patients to see how their teeth and soft tissue really look, with even more detail. This is a great tool for patient education in order for us to better explain the diagnosis and the treatment needed to improve a patient’s smile.
  • iTero scanner: We no longer use traditional impression material to take a mold of your teeth. Using our iTero scanner, in a matter of minutes we can create a digital mold of your teeth to be used for the lab. This technology is also used to create Invisalign retainers, which can straighten your teeth. If you have a strong gag-reflex, no need to worry any more.
  • TVs in Operatories: As we work on your teeth, you can watch your favorite show or catch up on your Netflix series. This helps you relax with what could feel like the comfort of your own home!

Contact our office today with questions about the types of dental technologies we use at Carol Pacheco D.D.S. or to set up an appointment.