Diagnostic Dentistry

Dental ExamYou can’t fix a problem or issue if you don’t know it exists in the first place. That’s why, at Carol Pacheco D.D.S., we practice a type of dentistry that allows us to give our patients the best treatment possible for their unique needs: diagnostic dentistry.

The first step toward achieving good oral health is establishing what a patient’s health currently is. Our team works to understand a patient’s needs by listening and implementing diagnostic dentistry techniques to map out effective treatment plans.

What Is Diagnostic Dentistry?

Diagnostic dentistry is a type of dentistry that evaluates the health of a patient’s mouth through the use of procedures to find any problems with gum tissue, teeth, or other oral structures of the mouth. This diagnosis gives us all the information we need to map out an optimal treatment plan. Our primary goal is to provide patients with all the information and tools necessary to establish and maintain good oral health.

Diagnostic Dental Treatments at Carol Pacheco D.D.S.

A complete and total diagnostic evaluation requires more than one treatment or procedure. For this reason, we incorporate the following:

  • Comprehensive Oral Exams: Our comprehensive oral exams record the state of all hard and soft tissues to make sure everything is in good order. We also pay close attention to your occlusion to make sure everything is in balance and harmony.
  • Radiography Evaluation: We use a very safe type of x-ray imaging that allows us to study the health of various structures in your mouth. These images can also be used to plan treatments and evaluate the effectiveness of various procedures.
  • Intraoral Imaging: This type of evaluation allows us to look more closely at what’s going on inside a patient’s mouth, providing detailed images that will help you make informed decisions when it comes to treatment options.
  • Gum Disease Diagnosis: Our trained staff will carefully examine the health of your gums, watching for signs of infection in order to prevent serious issues like tooth loss.
  • Consultation and Treatment Planning: After we’ve gone through all our diagnostic treatments, we’ll provide you with a consultation and some ideas for treatment planning to fix any existing issues or prevent any issues from arising at a later date.

We want to protect your oral health through diagnostic dentistry, so you can enjoy a lifetime of good oral health.


Protect Your Health!

Your teeth and gums are vital to good overall health, and we want to help you maintain that health. But our approach is more about than just your teeth; it’s about you and your goals for your best overall health. Contact our office to set up a diagnostic dental appointment today!